Temporary exhibitions in Kiek in de Kök

The 15th century built artillery tower Kiek in de Kök together with the passages inside of the 17th century built Ingrian and Swedish bastions form an exciting part of historical fortifications of this city.

In addition to the permanent exhibition in the tower and passages, the tower is also hosting temporary exhibitions. 



“100 photos. From Hay Market to Freedom Square”

After leveling the area, the Hay Market that had been established there became Peetri Square, the representative square of the town which significantly reflects history through the different events. Since 1910, when the monument of Peter the Great was erected, this square has witnessed countless parades, demonstrations of power during occupations, and both organized and spontaneous demonstrations.

By examining the photos in detail, each viewer can decide how much freedom has been involved in the events taken place on the Freedom Square over the decades.



10.00–17.30. Last admission 17.00
The Museum is closed on Mondays and public holidays.